Jamaican Chef Collin Brown

Collin Brown was born in Jamaica in 1972. He started cooking at the age of eight
and became a professional seafood chef by the age of sixteen.

He then moved to the Cayman Island where he studied the art of fine dining, but as creative and eager to learn more and forever passionate about food he decided to move to London to study European cuisine.

Collin is an Award Winning Master Chef and has won Caribbean Chef of the Year
two consecutive years in the years of 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.

Using imagination and continually developing and experimenting, Collin has recognised how foods compliment each other, developing ideas and paying great attention to detail in composition of his dishes, he creates a fusion between the Caribbean and European cuisine. By creating this style of cooking his career, reputation and credibility in the industry excelled.

Chef Collin Brown has launched his new restaurant in Docklands;
2 Yabsley Street, London E14 9RG.