Jamaican Boiled Dumpling

Jamaican Boiled Dumplings are also known as Cartwheel,Flour and Spinners

This is a basic recipe
2 cups All Purpose Flour
3/4- 1 cup Water or as needed
1 tsp. Salt

1. Combine flour and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2. Add the water about 1/4 cup at a time to make a firm but pliable dough.

Spinners- Usually added to Soups or Stews

Divide dough into small pieces and roll between both hands. They should be the size of your ring or little finger.

Divide dough into five equal size pieces. Roll them into balls. Use thumb to flatten them in the middle (about 1/2 inch)

Add dumplings to boiling soup or a pot of salted boiling water ( just like pasta). When they float they are done.